About Steve


Steven Mavros, L.OM.

Steve has been an acupuncturist and herbalist since 2001. Though he treats a wide variety of conditions, he has been focusing on female and male fertility since his first month in practice. Working hand-in-hand with reproductive endocrinologists and even treating on-site at fertility clinics, Steve has helped pioneer the acupuncture for fertility field in Philadelphia. In 2006, he co-founded The Healing Arts Center of Philadelphia, a holistic complementary care center that brings together allopathic and complementary medicine disciplines all under one roof.  After working with over a thousand couples and individuals to help conceive, he realized their stories needed telling.

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in Psychology, Steve began his Chinese Medicine training in Shanghai, China at YueYang Hopsital. He went on to receive his Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at the oldest acupuncture school in the US, the New England School of Acupuncture. He returned to Philadelphia with the hopes of bringing an integrated approach to hospitals, as he first learned in Shanghai, where Eastern and Western medicine were well intertwined for the betterment of the whole patient. After hitting many walls, he decided to start his own center and partnered with a chiropractor, Dr. Barry Silverman, along the way. Thus, the Healing Arts Center of Philadelphia was born.

Steve is the former President of the Association of Professional Acupuncture and before the expansion of Healing Arts and the work of podcasting took over, was former rotating faculty and clinical supervisor at the Won Institute of Graduate Studies.  He’s been featured in Philadelphia Magazine, Philly Style, Billy Penn and CBS Health Watch for his work with infertility.


Laura Mullin

Laura is the office manager of The Healing Arts Center and has been in various administrative positions in the medical field for eight years. She has a natural ability to communicate with patients, understands the importance of empathic listening, and feels confident asking provocative questions. In addition, Laura has always been fascinated with storytelling and hearing about the various obstacles and triumphs people experience during their lives. These qualities allow her to bring a fresh perspective to the podcast. She remains dedicated to raising public awareness of infertility and the benefits of alternative medicine.