About the podcast


Waiting For Babies is a podcast featuring a collection of interviews with couples and individuals who’ve struggled trying to bring a child into their lives. Through telling their stories, we we strive to take away the taboo of infertility, and to provide hope and comfort to many others who are waiting for their babies.

As someone who has spent the past 15 years focusing on female and male infertility, there is one thing I can tell you with certainty – it is more common than we ever recognize publicly. For women in many other cultures across the world there are traditions associated with grieving a miscarriage, but here we have nothing of the sort. The topics of infertility, miscarriage and all the complex emotions that go along with them are almost taboo in our society, and rarely do people know how to speak about them. Those dealing with the frustration and pain of their biology essentially failing them are often without an outlet. My goal with Waiting for Babies is to take a deeper look into the very human side of infertility. I’ve been privileged throughout my career to see the many different roads that couples take to becoming parents, and also seen many whose road didn’t end they way they wanted and I want to help them share their stories. I hope that for those who have been in their shoes, you will feel relief in hearing someone else describe what you may have felt. For those who haven’t, I hope to raise awareness to how common fertility struggles really are, and increase the vocabulary we all have in speaking to it.

I’m undertaking this project with my incredible office manager, Laura Mullin, as well as a rotating cast of guest hosts who help bring different perspectives from my own since everything is all too familiar for me.

My most sincere thank you to all the men, women and families who’ve agreed to be a part of this podcast. Without your open hearts this project would not have been possible.